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PP Filler Masterbatch For Nonwoven Product

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PP for nonwoven is a Polypropylene based masterbatch containing 75%-80% calcium carbonate. It is white.
It can be mixed with Polypropylene resin for producing nonwoven. It is easy to disperse with good compatibility. It has functions as a modifier to improve heat resistance, size stability. It also reduces heat release from burning and therefore preventfuther environmental pollution.
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CaCo3 content % 75 – 80
CaCo3 particle size µ 1.5 – 2.5
MFI g/10’ 20-25
Temperature 0C ~165
Moiture content 0.1
Density g/cm3 1.8
General loading is recommended at 10~35% with variation according to the products.
The processing temperature is set according to resin’s processing temperature and it applies well among 220±40oC.
PP heavy-duty bag, 25kg/ bag.
Note to avoid moisture, insolation and breakage in transportation
The product is sensitive to moisture. No problem to store in original packing bags. Make sure to use product immediately after opening the packing bags. If it has moisture problem, dry it by hot air recycle machine under 90oC for 30 minutes.


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