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 Item  Test Method  Unit  Result
 LLDPE ( 6201/6101 )    %  17
 Dispersing additive    %  3
 CaCO3 Content    %  80
 Density  ASTM D1506  g/cm3  1.8
 Melt index (190oC, 2.16 kg)  ASTM D1238  g/10 mins  8 ± 0.5
 Moisture content  IR  %  ≤ 0,1
 Particle size    mm  3 ± 0.5
 Appearance      White Oval
 CaCOPowder Size  MALVERN  micron  2,0 ± 0,5
 Item  Test Method  Unit  Result
 SABIC PP504P    %  18
 Dispersing additive    %  2
 CaCO3 Content    %  80
 Density  ASTM D1506  g/cm3  1.8
 Melt index (190oC, 2.16 kg)  ASTM D1238  g/10 mins  8 ± 0.5
 Moisture content  IR  %  ≤ 0,1
 Particle size    mm  3 ± 0.5
 Appearance      White Oval
 CaCO3 Powder Size  MALVERN  micron  2,0 ± 0,5
Calbest  is a compound of polymer resin, additives and Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) base, in which containing about 70%- 80% of CaCO3 and 30% PE, PP resin with some other additives  ( on customer request)
PE 101 or PP202  Filler masterbatch is used by mixing with virgin ( we can used recycled resin  if  customer request).
Adding ration ranges from 5% to 40% by weight depending on end product application and it is adjusted based on specific production and technology conditions.
* Technologies: Blow film, Injection molding, Intrusion molding...
* Calbest is used for blowing film HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, shopping bags, nylon, advanced Jumbo bags, non-woven...
* Cost reduction of the finished products due to lower consumption quantity of the virgin
* Improvement of final products characteristics (its nature of machanical and physicochemical properties should be better)
* When finished products are of white color or of light shades, it is possible to reduce adding ratio of white color pigment (TiO2 masterbatch) thus reducing composition cost;
* Due to high thermal conductivity of calcium carbonate polymer melt is hit and cooled faster, extrusion or injection cycle is reduce, output is increased.
* Improvement of printability on finished product's surface
* Suitable for making "Food contact use" bags, since it is not including any toxic and harmful substances to human health in its formular.

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